Here at Moray School Bank, we have created these printable PDF posters for you to pin up at work on your staff notice board.  If you or your friends and colleagues want to donate, it gives an idea of what to pop in the big blue bin with the red lid.

You can choose one of the two posters, one for East Moray and one for West Moray, which include our current donation points in your area along with a list of new and used items that can be donated.

We have left a space at the bottom for you to write which donation point is the closest to you.  You can use our new map on our website just by entering your postcode, the link for which can be found below.  This can also be found by going to ‘Fundraising and Donations’ and clicking on ‘Collection Points’ in the drop-down menu.

By hanging these posters up in your place of work or sharing them amongst your network on social media you are helping to direct the Moray community to the nearest collection point.   This means you can help support more children and young people in Moray. The link for the posters is down below:

A4 Moray School Bank Donation point posters

Once again, we thank you for all of your support and all that you do.