Moray Business Women

Moray Business Women(MBW’s) Charity night is just a week away! We recently had the pleasure of meeting with Helen and Alison from Moray Business Women, with whom we will be starting a years long collaboration and partnership with as their charity of the year.  Every year, the club chooses to actively support a charity of their choice, through fundraising ideas and events, so we are thrilled to have been chosen and offered their support for this coming year.  We are excited and looking forward to working with them going forward and we would like to thank them for deciding to support us and what we set out to accomplish as a charity.

Moray Business Women will support us in raising funds at their events throughout the year and we will work with them to support the work that we do also.  They will have a raffle at most of their gatherings and will host a MBW’s Charity Night and Moray School Bank will be invited to join the group as a guest for the year.

This years MBW’s charity night is a race night that will be held at Elgin City Football Club on Tuesday 29th March 2020 , where lots of fun and laughter will be had! We are really looking forward to supporting their evening and working with the team to raise money to support the charity this year. To book your space on eventbrite, click here, it will be a great night!. Members are invited to bring along donations for the charity on the night and can find out more about what we need on our collection points page

There will be other fundraising activities throughout the year that MSB and MBW will collaborate on as the years events unfold. We are just delighted and really look forward to the year ahead. Below is a list of Moray Business women events that are planned throughout the year.