Freya Daggert & Harris Polak, pupils from Speyside High School have left a legacy for a local charity in the form a film for both their summer and winter campaigns.

Moray School Bank was set up in 2017 in response to the growing need to provide school uniform and warm winter clothing for children and young people in financial hardship.  1 in 5 children in Moray are in poverty and the current need is only going to rise.  Two local students from Speyside High undertook the project through their Foundation Apprenticeship with the school.

Vicky Flood, Fundraising & Community Development Officer for Moray School Bank spoke with Freya and Harris about the making of the film and what made them choose Moray School Bank.   Harris –“ it’s something that stuck out to me, we campaigned for Moray School Bank in the Young Philanthropy Initiative in third year at school and it had a really good reception”.  Freya – “I had heard about Moray School Bank from things at school and It felt appropriate and something we could help with”.

Vicky said, “we are delighted with the film.  It really shows the work that Freya and Harris have done to produce such a great result.  The enormous amount of work, setting the scene, understanding how Moray School Bank works, and battling with the restrictions COVID brought last year really portrayed a real-life scenario of what managing a project like this is truly like.  Because of covid it took longer than originally planned, but the real-life edge of what a foundation apprenticeship can provide for a young person, creates a learning experience that they will remember for years to come.

The fact the project took longer also had its plus points. Freya reflected that with the delay, it meant that the project got the extra time that they wanted to give it.  Equally, it developed and built on the skills the duo already had as well as providing new learning opportunities.    Harris learned more on how to use the camera for different shots and Freya enjoyed the collaboration between her and Harris to get the composition just right in the shots that were taken.  Both also enjoyed the collaboration with Moray School Bank itself.

Vicky said, “Young people need experiences, and they need the support from local businesses to give them those experiences.  We as the client were asked what we wanted and, in the end, that is what these talented young people delivered.  Moray School Bank have been left a legacy that can be used over and over again, which really lives our tag line of The children in Moray supporting the children in Moray.

Sarah Barnes, Program Manager from Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) said, “It’s such a powerful creation which not only demonstrates creativity, empathy, and the ability to film and edit content, the result is a heartfelt film that has been created by young people for young people to learn about the support they can receive from Moray School Bank, in a way that they can relate and understand your offer. Young people informing young people is beneficial on so many fronts.  It’s also a great demonstration of how young people can bring fresh ideas and creativity to any organisation via a Foundation Apprenticeship.”

The film has been shown through twitter already and is available to see on Moray School Bank website.  Moray School Bank received 479 referrals for school uniform for the children and young people in Moray this summer. As they move into the winter campaign it could result in the same number of referrals for warm winter coats and waterproof footwear.   MSB have donation points across Moray.

If you like what we do, there are many ways you can support the children and young people in Moray through our work.  One of the ways is to think of the big blue bin with the red lid to donate items of uniform or warm winter clothing.  Contact Vicky Flood at 01340212101.

As for the video in question, you can find the link for the video below.