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The children in Moray supporting the children in Moray

Moray School Bank aims to improve the lives of children living in our local community by helping to lighten the financial burden of families facing hardship and poverty.


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Moray School Bank

Moray School Bank is a registered charity in Scotland (SCO47459).  The charity was set up in 2017 with the aim of providing new school uniform and warm winter clothing to children living in poverty across Moray ensuring all children are equal and have opportunities to reach their potential at school.

Our ethos is to involve children across Moray in helping us to acheive our aim so that our local children can help their peers.

Any school or agency working with children in Moray can make a referral to us for support with the consent of the family, we then contact the family directly and offer the support where it is needed.


Clothing & Uniform

Every child should have a school uniform and warm winter clothing.  We accept referrals from schools and agencies working with children, we then distribute the school items and clothing direct to the children in Moray.


Currently Closed for Referral


Available to families experiencing poverty in Moray who want a practical support solution to make things different for their future.  This service is FREE to all families experiencing financial hardship.

Currently Closed for Referral


We offer Therapy helping you to look at trauma from the past, an opportunity to talk about worries, relationships, emotions, behaviour, past or present life events in a confidential, safe space.


Currently Closed for Referral

Moray School Bank Needs Your Help

We cannot provide this service without the support of our volunteers, local businesses, funders and individual donations.

We accept donations of new school uniform and warm winter items, financial donations through our PayPal page and by fundraising through our events.

With the generosity of our supporters, funders and organisations providing grants and donations we are able to help a lot more children and families in Moray.  The current situation means that more and more families are living in poverty and are experiencing financial hardship and need help to provide even just the basic warm winter clothing for their children.  Families should not need to make the choice between food or clothing for their children and a child should not be made to feel ‘different’ because they are not wearing the same school clothes as their peers.

To find out how you can help or make a donation visit our donations page.

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Moray children live in poverty

No Worries In Moray is an initiative set up by Hannah Weir, a young person from Moray.  Hannah fundraises to provide family trips to locations such as Landmark and Roseisle Beach for families that are experiencing financial difficulties.  Find out more about up and coming fundraising events and trips out with No Worries in Moray.

Upcoming developments – Our Community Garden

We are currently in the process of creating a community garden for our volunteers and visitors, with the intention of providing a safe, welcoming and positive environment for people to come and visit us.

Due to our plans being altered and pushed back in light of the pandemic and more recently with duties requiring higher priority we hope to be fully underway with the development of our garden soon.

We will share any updates that we have for our garden going forward. Until then, watch this space.


Moray School Bank Supporters

Thank You to all of our supporters, donors, volunteers and individuals

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